The aim of this course is to give the student a broad overview of Lean and how it contributes to companies and service functions in improving their cost effectiveness and creating a positive work atmosphere. Besides this overview the course will also give deeper insights into the five main principles of Lean thinking including illustrations on how they can be applied in practice. The student will even get acquainted with the use of representative Lean tools.

ECTS, university, responsible teacher

Entry requirements and/or target group

Advanced students with minimum of 3 years into the program

Learning outcomes:      

After the course students:

  • know the history and background of Lean
  • know the five principles in Lean thinking and how they are utilized in work environment
  • understand how some central tools can be used as aim in implementing Lean philosophy
  • understand how Lean can help improve processes and benefit the cost effectiveness of a company or service
  • understand how Lean can facilitate a positive company culture and increase team work

Contents:  This course covers the following topics:

  • Toyota Production System (TPS), Lean, Lean (six) Sigma, Agile
  • Customer centric approach, added value, waste, value stream mapping, one-piece flow, pull system, visualization, process mapping, 5S
  • Lean leadership, Lean culture, Continuous improvement

Learning methods

  • On-line videos and lectures
  • Independent learning (Youtube videos and articles from the web)
  • Independent exercises
  • Quizzes both after each part of the course and a final one
  • Learning diary with specific questions

Teaching language


Evaluation and evaluation criteria

Passed/failed. Approved exercises, quizzes and answered questions in learning diary

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