Being familiar with the concept of life-course and the significance of education on life-course.

Modes of study: The modes of study consists of 1) reading either one book OR 3 scientific articles from a list provided before the course 2) Presentation of the selected literature in a seminar meeting 3) Written report of minimum 3 pages of the selected literature 4) Learning diary minimum 3 pages.
Teaching methods: Before the seminar program begins, the students will select and read either one (1) book OR three (3) scientific articles from the list provided to them beforehand. The full list of literature will be announced by the end of June. During the first meeting the important concepts, learning outcomes and the seminar program will be discussed. The students will present their chosen literature in two seminar meetings. In the ending seminar participatory activities revolving around the themes discussed during the course.

Evaluation criteria: Written assignments: 0-5 (Putting emphasis on the learning diary)
Teachers: Juha Kauppila (UEF)