This is a pilot course developed in KiVAKO project, where two students teach each other their mother tongues in one-to-one informal online meetings through tandem learning. Tandem learning is best suited for practising speaking and listening skills. 50 first participants from the project universities ( are accepted to study 1-5 credits. The course is fully online, and it should be completed in autumn 2020.

The study process:
1. Take a look at the UniTandem data sheet ( to see if there are people who could teach you the language you’re interested in learning. If there isn't, sign up anyway – there might be suitable partners for you later on!
2. Sign up to UniTandem using your university or university of applied sciences email address.
3. Find a language partner. When you have found a partner, fill in the registration form ( to get the password for DigiCampus, where the instructions and materials are. 50 first students are accepted in the pilot, after which the form will be closed.
4. Sign up to DigiCampus using your university or university of applied sciences email address (HAKA), and when prompted, enter the enrolment key you have received after registering.
5. Read the instructions, do the Getting Started Agreement, and choose the topics or triggers that you find interesting (3 triggers as a learner = 1 credit).
6. Collect the outputs of each trigger you complete in your portfolio and submit it when you’re finished.
7. Give your partner and yourself feedback at the end.
8. The university coordinating UniTandem awards the credits.