Introduction to Programming course offers you the basics of programming. Main languages recommended for the course are C# or Java. The following topics will be handled during the course:

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Variables, part 1
  2.1 Concept of a Variable
  2.2 Basic Variables
3. Flow Control Statements
  3.1 If
  3.2 Switch-case
  3.3 While / Do-while
  3.4 For
  3.5 Exceptions
4. Subroutines / Functions / Methods
  4.1 Methods
5. Variables, Part 2
  5.1 Arrays
  5.2 Structs
  5.3 Pointer / References
6. Documentation
  6.1 Documenting the Code
  6.2 SDKs, Libraries, APIs

During the course the student will produce simple pieces of code with a help of examples. These code pieces are then combined to form a bigger entity. There are no prerequisites for participating this course.