University of Eastern Finland offers the course of Basics of Learning and Expertise (2 ECTS) in the academic year of 2019-2020. The course is one of the pedagogical courses offered as an internal staff training, aiming at developing teaching skills of the university lecturers.

Course is a part of the University Pedagogical Support (UNIPS) project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland. The goal in UNIPS is to develop a common learning platform for university pedagogical studies and offer self-study material for university personnel. In the University of Eastern Finland this course is also a study attainment of a PD (Professional Development) Training Programme in University Pedagogics (30 ECTS credits) and it's Basic Competency Module in University Pedagogics of 10 ECTS credits.

Basics of Learning and Expertise introduces you to learning, expertise and expert growth in education and guidance. Course contents are:

· Expertise and developing expertise with teaching and guidance

· Learning theories and their influence on planning of education, guidance and assessment

· Student’s learning ability and executive control

·  Developing as a teacher

Course is in the study program from September to December 2019.

Course includes independent work on learning assignments in the Moodle learning environment, video lectures in online environment, contact meetings, seminars with group work and a larger learning assignment in the end of the course. 

Course responsible coordinator is Krista Sutinen (Student and Learning Services) 050 462 2592.