Introduction to Sustainable Digital Life MOOC is a part of the Master’s Programme in Sustainable Digital Life. The course introduces the main themes of the Sustainable Digital Life programme. The course consists of topical online lectures, reading materials and written assignments.

The course consists the following themes:

  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Ethics
  • Diversity, Normality and Disability
  • Perspectives on Sustainability
  • Visual Culture
  • Sound Culture
  • Gamification
  • Service Design
  • Sustainable Design
  • Accessible Design
  • Sound Design
  • Visual Design

The course can be taken separately but if you are interested in applying to Master’s Degree Programme in Sustainable Digital Life please see more information here. Having completed the MOOC course will be considered as an advantage in the Master’s Programme’s admission process. When registering to the course, please use the same email address that you will use when applying to the programme.


Learning outcomes

After completing Introduction to Sustainable Digital Life MOOC course, a student

  • understands foundations of sustainability in digital services
  • recognizes the concepts of diversity and digital ethics
  • knows the basic principles on how to design digital services in sustainable and accessible manner
  • can identify the most important audio and visual culture related themes

Login instructions for the MOOC course:

To get started, login to Digicampus Moodle by using your HAKA-Login and your Tuni account. If you don't have Tuni account, you can use your gmail account. After that you can join to the course.

From this page, click the course name. On the course front page, press from the right up corner settings icon and "add me to the course". After that you will return to this page, scroll down and press again "Add me to the course." Instructions to join the course in more detail.

If you have any questions, contact Pauliina Baltzar (  After registering to the course, we hope you will use Q&A section for your questions.

If you are applying to the Sustainable Digital Life Master’s program, use the same email address as in your application.

More information about the Master’s programme in Sustainable Digital Life: 

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