Air quality in a Changing World course examines the key themes and processes

affecting air quality from local to global scale and examples range from Helsinki in northern Europe, with long history or air protection work, to China, where the megacities are facing new kinds of air quality problems. The course video lectures are given by researchers in each field to provide view points of physics, chemistry, meteorology and policy-making.

You will have a chance to learn what is good air quality and what determines the quality of the air that we breathe and work together with fellow students. The course is split to 4 weeks of online learning including video lectures, exercises and peer evaluation (3 out of 5 ECTS) and 3 weeks group work project (2 out of 5 ECTS) that is designed to give you a chance to deepen the knowledge on a topic you select. University of Helsinki students get the whole 5 ECTS course registered under code FYS2087 while others are welcome to complete the online part and receive a MOOC certificate.

  • Teacher: Taina Ruuskanen
Kotiorganisaatio/hanke: Helsingin yliopisto