Responsibility in tourism is a very current and important theme globally. We are all aware of the global challenges concerning finite resources, greenhouse gas emissions, waste management or human rights, just to mention a few. These challenges reflect to tourism as well and the industry also needs to take responsibility to tackle the challenges, minimize the negative and maximize the positive impacts of tourism. This course gives an overview of responsible tourism, what it actually means and how different stakeholders can enhance responsibility in tourism. The central themes of the course are: key concepts and origins of responsible tourism, dimensions of responsibility and tools to enhance responsible tourism.

The course is suitable for various current and future tourism professionals (students, entrepreneurs, developers, employees, managers, decision-makers, etc.) and other parties interested in the topic. It requires basic understanding of tourism and hospitality. All non-Finnish-speakers residing in Finland, Finnish speakers interested in expanding their viewpoint internationally, and international students seeking Nordic examples are equally invited to take the course. The course is fully automatized and can be studied flexibly according to one's own schedule.

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