In the Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility course, you'll learn the key concepts and perspectives regarding CSR, and learn to identify relevant issues and to analyse the challenges related CSR in selected industries. You'll also familiarise yourself with the role of CSR in business and in relation to wider international political and economic issues. The course introduces the different aspects through which organizational practices can be CSR-oriented, and you'll learn to apply key concepts of CSR in your daily work.


Course schedule: 20.01.2025- 15.03.2025

University respobsible for organising the course: Hanken School of Economics

Course registration: 10.12.2024 - 06.01.2025 at the home university
Proper registration for the course is obligatory and required for having the course credits registered.
No late registrations are accepted.  Before registering for the course, see the LITO Student Guide (pdf, updated 6 June 2024).

Content, learning objectives, workload, language etc: syllabus Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility 2024-25 (pdf)


Course instructions and course password (self-enrollment key) will be sent before the course starts to the e-mail address received from your home university in Finland - if you have not received the e-mail, check the junk mail folder in your e-mail!

  • Teacher: Nikodemus Solitander
Kotiorganisaatio/hanke: Turun yliopisto