Resilience Academy offers open-access to online courses, which facilitate learning of conceptual and practical geospatial data analysis and risk management skills. Materials are packaged into micro-sized MOOCs accessible in this Digicampus learning platform for registered users (gmail). We do not offer accreditation of the courses, but our partner universities are able to integrate the learning materials in the local courses and curricula. 

More information about the Resilience Academy: https://resilienceacademy.ac.tz

Access to our digital data sets: https://geonode.resilienceacademy.ac.tz

This is a platform used in Digicampus training organise by Resilience Academy and GeoICT4e. The purpose is to train as many experts as possible to be familiar with the platform and to be able to create good e-learning materials.

Kotiorganisaatio/hanke: Turun yliopisto

Here are collected all the materials used in the trainings in Resilience Academy.

Kotiorganisaatio/hanke: Turun yliopisto