Workshop Cryo-Electron Single Particle Interactive Online Sessions

Despite the current limitations, IMpaCT is committed to promote Cryo-EM training in Single Particle analysis to our students and researchers. The Consortium has decided to convert the Workshop primarily into an interactive Online discussion group session.

The 3 students that are already in Helsinki (Plavec, Pulkkinen and Fernandes) will make vlogs for a real sample, from start to finish, and all students will participate in the daily informed decision making on what will happen next with that sample based on their knowledge of the literature, on discussions with the researchers around them and their own experience.  We will also still have a few short lectures as originally planned.

Hence, in true workshop style, you will be involved in planning and problem solving from sample preparation to analysis methodology using pre-selected samples from some students. In addition, all remote students will be assigned to a small group with a mixture of participants from different locations. Each of these small groups will be given real data that we are currently collecting, but you will be given data from only one step at a time and will have to reason what happened next each day. The following day you will get the next set of data. This means that each team will have to work together every day to make a reasoned presentation on the data they have and what it means. 

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Kotiorganisaatio/hanke: Helsingin yliopisto