Oletustekstieditori vaihtuu 17.6.2024 / Default text editor changes 17.6.2024

Oletustekstieditori vaihtuu 17.6.2024 / Default text editor changes 17.6.2024

by Kirsi Heikkinen -
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Default text editor changes 17.6.2024

With the implementation of Moodle 4.1, another text editor, TinyMCE, became available alongside the Atto text editor. Atto editor will eventually be removed from Moodle, and in anticipation of this change, during the scheduled maintenance on June 17, 2024, the default text editor will be changed to TinyMCE at DigiCampus.

From the users' perspective, this means that the interface and functions of the text editor will differ. TinyMCE offers various visually pre-styled text components to be utilized. With ready-made components, text formatting becomes easy and quick.

After the change, the existing text formatting will remain unchanged. It is important to note that when editing old content, not all formatting done with the Atto editor will function properly after saving. Therefore, when updating content, it is important to consider that extensively formatted text sections may need to be reformatted using the tools provided by the TinyMCE editor. When editing existing STACK mathematical questions, it is recommended to continue using the Atto editor.

It will still be possible to use the Atto editor after this change. Users can choose to switch the editor from their user account settings (User Profile > Settings > Text Editor Settings) if they wish.